Macadamia oil has a low comedogenic rating which means it is less likely to clog your pores like some oils can. The key is, you don’t need much - just two of three drops is needed to moisturise your face. If you haven’t used an oil before, we suggest you try it gradually for a couple of days for your skin to get use to it. 

You won’t need to apply another moisturiser over the top as the oil is light weight and  soaks quickly into skin. It is super moisturising and will hydrate your skin instantly.

With only one natural, plant based ingredient in our Face Oil it suits most skin types and can in fact, be quite soothing for sensitive skin. We suggest you test a small amount of oil on your skin first.

Absolutely! Apply a few drops of oil to your finger tips and lightly massage into the dry ends of your hair.  If your scalp is dry and flakey, lavish it in oil, leave it for a while and then shampoo out.  

Macadamia oil actually has a natural, low level sunblock property that can help protect the skin for incidental sun exposure. Further protection for your skin is always a good idea.

Yes. In fact, as 100% pure Macadamia Oil is the only ingredient, you will know exactly what is soaking into their skin. These are no hidden ingredients and is wonderful for the whole family. We recommend to always do a small patch test on skin first.

Unlike other oils, macadamia oil is less likely to clog pores. It is light and easy to apply, with numerous benefits for your skin. Buying from Avilla Farms helps support Australian Macadamia Farmers. 

You can use it as a daily facial cleanser or makeup remover. It serves as an excellent sunburn relief and reduces redness. It can be used as a hair mask treatment. With one plant based ingredient, full of beneficial properties, macadamia oil can help soothe and repair irritations and damaged skin. 

Avilla Farm Face Oil can be used morning and night as your daily moisturiser. Apply a few drops to clean skin. It is light weight, soaks in easily and makes your skin feel instantly hydrated. Your skin will feel and look amazing, with a beautiful natural glow. If wearing make up, apply under foundation. If your foundation is oil based or a powder allow the oil to soak in then apply foundation.  It is helps thicker foundation  spread more easily. 

Apply macadamia oil to the back of hands and your décolletage area to keep moisturised and to help slow the signs of ageing.