• Our Process

Australian Macadamias are a well sought-after native food; exported around the world. The Avilla Farm macadamia are considered a premium grade of nut. 

The macadamia is well known as one of natures ‘superfoods’ with numerous benefits when consumed in both its nut form and as an oil. Recently, there has been an enormous amount of research to support macadamia oil as the ultimate ‘food for the skin’ when used as a beauty care product.

Reducing waste

Nothing is wasted when it comes to harvesting and processing our macadamias. When our macadamias are sent the factory to be cracked open, there are often pieces of the seed that are too small to be sold as food. Those pieces do not result in food wastage. Instead, they are collected and sent to be ‘cold pressed’ into oil.

Cold pressed and filtered

Avilla Farm pure macadamia oil is ‘cold pressed’ and filtered to create a pure and natural beauty oil.

When the macadamia arrives into the factory, it is pressed by a modern steel press. At this stage, the macadamia oil has retained its flavour and aroma. Perfect for a delicious, nutritious food grade oil. But not quite right for a beauty product. The next step is to filter it. This is when the strong nutty smell and any impurities are removed. Nothing else is added at this time and the result is a luxurious, clean and pure oil with a longer shelf life.