• Our story

Avilla Farm Macadamia Skin Care is based on a fifty-acre family owned macadamia farm in Northern NSW, Australia.

Farmer Andrew grew up on macadamia farms before moving to the city as a young adult. Although he enjoyed bringing his family up in the big smoke, he yearned to follow his real passion, doing something he absolutely loves - farming. So, at the end of 2008, Farmer Andrew, his wife Ann and four children moved onto their own macadamia farm near Alstonville, NSW.  

A passion for natural skincare

Avilla Farm Skin Care began when Farmer Andrews wife, Ann began her own journey into the many benefits of macadamia oil. She learned that not only are macadamias an amazing source of nutrition when consumed, but that the oil is an incredible (natural) source of nourishment for our skin.

Once Ann tried her first few batches of macadamia oil, it became a family affair during the ‘testing’ phase. Everyone was delighted at how lovely their skin felt and appeared. Even the gents were using it - including their 19-year-old surfing son found it helped hydrate his skin before and after hitting the beach and when shaving. The Avilla clan agreed that they needed to share their discovery with Australia and beyond.

Direct from the farmer

When you buy Avilla Farm products, you are buying direct from the farm. They not only grow, nurture and harvest macadamia’s for commercial purposes, but craft beautiful skin care products for the entire family. They stand by their product 100% and know you will love the way their macadamia oil makes your skin look and feel.