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GESKE MicroCurrent Face Lifter 6 in 1

Feel your best with firm facial contours and tones. Now be the envy of everyone with the newest face-lifter that uses our proprietary MicroCurrent Face-Lift Technology.

The SmartAppGuided MicroCurrent Face-Lifter uses multiple top-of-the-line proprietary technologies to give you both a complete facial session and a workout for your skin and face muscles!

Gliding the Ultra-Gentle Contouring & Firming Spheres across your skin releases small microcurrents that trigger your skins natural healing processes to firm and tighten your face. Thanks to the Low Voltage Current, using the MicroCurrent Face-Lifter is completely safe. At the same time, our Anti-Ageing Massage and SmartSonic Pulsation Technologies work deeply on your pores where they help with a better blood circulation, clean out the toxins and ease facial tension. The result? Smoother, softer skin that just glows.

The GESKE Hydrating MicroCurrent Gel is mandatory when using the MicroCurrent Face-Lift Technology.  It perfectly primes your skin for the rejuvenating effects. Purchase on our website.

After use, apply a few drops of our super nourishing Macadamia Oil or for an extra boost our Macadamia Oil with Kakadu Plum (rich in vitamin C).

* As an introductory offer we will include Micro Current Gel for FREE when you purchase the Micro Current Face Lifter. RRP $18.95